Prisha Salam Bakshi

Associate Partner

Prisha is the leading counsel in the Corporate and Commercials Laws.  She specialises in corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, demergers, reconstructions and capital and debt reorganisation. 

She  is a Human Rights  Activist  with  extensive  experience  in  women  and  child  welfare.  Adept with  a  wide  variety  of  complex  difficult  and  sensitive  cases;  able  to  precisely  determine occurrence  of  discrimination  with  the  Act.

•  Assisted  juveniles  and  families  crisis-counselling  for  children  and  youth  who have  experienced  trauma,  domestic  violence,  sexual  assault,  mental  health problems,  or  other  challenges.

•  Investigate,  mediate,  and  resolve  client  complaints  and  navigate  legal  issues  as necessary

•  Provided  education  and  training  to  residents  and  businesses  regarding  a  variety of  human  rights  topics  such  as  human  trafficking  and  inappropriate  use  of  child labour   Volunteer  Coordinator,  Humatrix

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