Mahima Singh


Advocate, Supreme Court

Managing Partner
(Intellectual Property Rights, Sports & Global Collaboration)

Mahima Singh is a lawyer not only by profession but passion. It is her zeal to fight for injustice everywhere, that brought her to pursue studies in Law after completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Film Acting at the Film Television institute of India, Pune and M.A. in English. The main areas of interest in her Law practice remain Intellectual Property Rights, Media and Sports laws. Being an alumna of the pioneer Film Institute and having anchored a host of shows and events, her long association with the media fraternity has led to her remarkable understanding of the nitty gritty and loopholes of the legal framework governing these very sensitive areas. She owes to her alma mater Motilal Nehru Sports of School, Rai, her keen observation and analysis of the legal framework pertaining to Sports industry in India.


Singh’s firm belief in Martin Luther King’s words “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” leads her to undertake a lot of Pro Bono work for the lesser privileged. She has also initiated an awareness drive about the myths attached with the legal profession and procedures for all, creating consciousness about their legal rights amongst people of all classes and categories. An ardent lawyer, she is Passionate about legal writing and specialises in all kinds of writing skills, be it research work, drafting any and all kinds of documents. Promising in her deliverables, She excels in her pursuit.